RPD Cast Frame – CAD Design


RPD Cast Frame – CAD Design


After submitting the order, you will have access to upload the scans/files for a RPD Cast Frame - CAD Design

Please input the name of the patient or case # for record
The typical turnaround time is 24-48 hrs but not guaranteed.
If you have multiple scans that need to have meshed together or scans are extremely bad and need to be cleaned up and smoothed, please select the option below. If the designer finds that this needs to be added and wasn't selected on the initial order the fee will be added.
Please indicate how you would like the clasp type to be set up (Please be as descriptive as possible)
Will there need to be teeth extracted from the scan for design?
Please indicate which teeth need removal on the scan.
If you would like a model design added to the order
Simple Connectors
Itero Connector
Vertex Connector
3shape Connector
Invent Twister Connector
Baumann Evo MS2000 Connector
SnowRock Connector
Solid ( No Connector )
Minimum thickness value of the model
If you would like side drain holes added please indicate.
Would you like case number or name placed on the model
Engraved( Inset of Base) or Embossed ( Outset of Base)
Input what you want added to the model
Add any additional information pertaining to the case.
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RPD cast frame design used for acrylic or flexible processing. It is recommended to either scan design drawn on model if using a colored/texture scanner, submit a drawing of design, or indicate in notes how you would like it designed. We can also go forward with our own design but if the desired outcome is not how you want and redesign is required there is a $5 redesign fee.