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Standard Crown and Bridge Services

From single tooth restorations to 14 unit screw-retained hand layered ceramics, our fabricated crowns and bridges have the patient walking away with a beautiful smile.

Hand Layered Ceramics

When aesthetics is the ultimate goal in the case you cant get anything better than layered porcelain.

4unit BruxZir
Monolithic Restorations

 The workhorse of the dental industry, monolithic restorations give you the most bang for the buck.


From Surgical guides, to implant abutments, to final prothesis we can make surgical work a breeze.

Digital and Physical Waxups

 When you want to see how and what your smile is going to look like before taking on the correct procedure.

CAE Dental

Computer Aided Enginereed Dentistry

Denture Services

If you are needing a denture repaired, replaced, duplicated, a tooth added or relined click the images below to get a quick price for services offered.

Denture Reline

When tissue has changed from the original impression, relining the denture will get it back in harmony.

Denture Repair

Did the denture break in half? As long as the denture is not in a million pieces repair can be quite fast.

Add a Tooth

Missing a tooth since the previous partial was made. Add a new tooth to fill those missing gaps.

Duplicate Denture

Want an exact duplicate of what the original denture looks like? This is the quickest way to get a backup denture or a denture with a differnt shade.

If you would like to see all the denture services we offer please click here to view