Digital Denture – CAD Design


Digital Denture – CAD Design


After submitting the order, you will have access to upload the scans/files for a Digital Denture - CAD Design

If you would like to upload more than 1 case at a time, click the QTY to add multiple cases to the order.
Please input the name of the patient or case # for record
Typical turnaround time is 24hrs but not guaranteed.
Although we do our best to return the design in the time requested there are circumstances that arise that keep us from guaranteeing that time. You will not be charged the extra fee for files not returned in the requested time frame.
**NOW INCLUDED for FREE w/ALL Split-File and Denture Cut Guide Type(s). See Information about Denture Types below.
**Monoblock / Try-in
Split-File ( Separate Base and Teeth)
Denture Cut Guide ( for Carded Denture Teeth )
Copy Denture
Digital Denture Reline
If you have multiple scans that need to be meshed together and holes filled please select option below
Denture Card (3 pieces) (...)
Midline Split (2 pieces)
Full Arch (1piece)
Please choose a Denture Tooth company for the actual tooth mold used in the fabrication of the prosthesis.
IPN 3D Portrait Inspired 33° Mold(s)
IPN 3D Portrait Inspired 10° Mold(s) (+$2.00)
Kulzer Mondial 22° Mold(s)
Kulzer Mondial 10° Mold(s)
Nobildent Mold(s)
Vertex Dental Mold(s)
Candular NFC+ Mold(s)
Do you request a Post Dam on Upper Denture?
Do teeth need to be digitally extracted from scan ( Immediate Denture )?
Do you want the Patient Name / Case # Engraved in the Denture Base?
Engraved( Inset of Base) or Embossed ( Outset of Base)
How thick do you want the overall Denture Base to be? ( 2.5mm is default )
Does this need to fit to Bar already designed? ( Scan of Bar required to fabricate )
Positioning guide used to help aide in positiong teeth properly within the arch
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Monoblock / Try-in Denture: is 1 solid piece used for checking the accuracy of tooth placement and setup.

Split-File Denture: has the teeth and base as separate pieces used for either 3d printing or milling for fabrication.

Digital Denture Cut Guide: is used for placing premade denture teeth in sockets and then processing to final.

Copy Denture: is a duplication of Patients’ current denture either in a Monoblock type or Split-File type setup.

Digital Denture Reline: is the same as a Copy denture but reline/wash material has been placed inside denture prior to scanning.