3D Printing Service (per ml/gram)


3D Printing Service (per ml/gram)


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The service is used for businesses or individuals that either has printing software or maybe a printer that has gone down and needs a backup option.  All files submitted must be in STL format and require support of the file to be set up to receive service. There are plenty of Free software options available to create supports like Meshmixer, Chitubox, etc. If misprints occur because of incorrect supports applied it will be at the cost of the customer for reprints.  Prints are calculated in mL/gram and are calculated in our office by weight. Most support or printing software will give a rough estimate of how much resin the object is going to use in mL/gram.

Suggestion: “Do Not” attempt to save a few cents by minimizing your support’s, if misprints occur because of failed supports then it was not worth trying to save those few extra pennies.

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Grey, White, Clear, NextDent Ortho Clear, Dima Denture Teeth, Dima Denture Base, Castable